Feedback for November 2012

This is found as usual at the end of the updated overview file (attached), recording very intense interest in all the best relevant universities, institutes and similar worldwide. For November to date there have been 18,770 distinct visits, each can be a multiple number of real visits, 82,043 files downloaded (hits), 53,504 page views, 10.902 gigabytes downloaded, 2,566 documents read or heard from 98 countries, led by USA, Mexico, Germany, Canada, Argentina, Ukraine, Australia, Britain, France, China, ……… This is only 2% of the unprecedented total impact. So this is why I am about the world number one in impact at present, and AIAS the leading institute. These are much more detailed and conclusive scientometrics than citation, h and g indices and total number of papers. So congratulations once again to the AIAS staff. The returns from and add an estimated 50% to these figures. The final returns for November 2012 will be in tomorrow.


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