Daily Report 29/11/12

There were 3311 hits from 641 distinct visits, 39% spiders from baidu, google MSN, yandex, sistrix and choopa. CEFE90, CEFEL77, FPL25, LMEP16. Argentine National Technical University at La Plata UFT170(Sp); University of Quebec Trois Rivieres UFT232; University of Paderborn UFT114; Polytechnic University of the Litoral Ecuador UFT170(Sp); Boston University UFT170; Columbia University UFT46; Miami University Oxford Ohio UFT43; San Diego Supercomputer Center advances made in UFT122, …; Human Resource Center University of Chicago UFT214-b; Electrical Engineering University of California Los Angeles UFT81; University of Missouri Kansas City UFT168, UFT170; University of Southern California UFT102; Yale University UFT186; University of Barcelona UFT144; Spanish Parliament (Xunta) UFT146, UFT147 (Sp); Civil Society Research Portal Jyvaskyla University Finland flowcharts, UFT1, UFT183, UFT175; University of Poitiers general; Mathematics University of Rennes 1 UFT88, UFT109; Los Alamos National Laboratory UFT18; Trinity College Dublin, Reply to ‘t Hooft; European Space Agency Operations Centre overview of ECE theory; Libero Italy GF Basics; Guanajuato University Mexico F5(Sp); Sonora University Mexico F4(Sp); Arequipa Technical University Peru F4(Sp); National University of Singapore UFT177; Iyte University Turkey Essay24; Mathematics National Taiwan University UFT88. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for November.

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