Desperate Last Argument by EGR Dogmatists

They could try to argue that the true Newtonian ellipse does not go into a true precessing ellipse, or why should it and so on. That argument fails by Ockham’s Razor, the simpler of the two theories is the one based on the true precessing ellipse. For hundreds of years astronomers have referred to the precession of a perihelion as the precession of an ellipse, ever since Kepler inferred the elliptical orbit of Mars. The simplest precession of any function of the polar angle theta is caused simply by multiplying theta by x. The resulting function for the ellipse is the true precessing ellipse for ALL x. Also, it turns out that any small perturbation of Newtonian dynamics produces a small precession, but none of those precessions are those of a true precessing ellipse. So EGR is one out of an infinite number of theories that would produce a small precession, but none of them would give the true precessing ellipse. This is a well behaved mathematical function for all x, r and theta, while EGR gives a badly behaved unphysical orbit by direct numerical integration. Dogma can make people believe anything at all. Logic is rigorous.

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