Daily Report 28/11/12

There were 3370 hits from 805 distinct visits during the day, 48.5% spiders from baidu, google, MSN, choopa, yandex and sistrix. CEFE89, CEFEL66, FPL25, LMEP15. Argentine Institute for Radioastronomy Buenos Aires F3(Sp); University of Ghent UFT199; Queen’s University Canada UFT114; Swiss Federal Institute (ETH) Zurich UFT33; University of Lausanne UFT158; Federico Santa Maria Technical University Chile UFT170(Sp); National University of Colombia UFT170(Sp); Susan Wittig Albert downloaded all papers and essays (Texan author and educator); German Grammar Group Free University of Berlin general; Innovation in Surface Spectroscopy and Microscopy extensive; California Institute of Technology (Caltech) UFT117; Cornell University UFT215; Graduate Center City University of New York UFT4; Physics and Astronomy Georgia State University UFT57; Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis UFT86; Kennesaw State University Georgia Equation flowcharts; Centre for Computing Karlsruhe Technical University (on edu) UFT142; Louisiana State University UFT102; University of Alabama UFT25; Center for Solids and Organic Polymers University of California Santa Barbara UFT162; Hospital of Santa Creu in Sant Pau Spain Felker4(Sp); University of Granada UFT140; Science University of Valencia UFT122; University of Poitiers general; Trinity College Dublin Essay48; University College Dublin UFT42, Proof2; Raman Research Institute India Essay32; Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN) Naples UFT88; INFN Rome 1 UFT109; Norwegian University of Science UFT29; Pakistan Education and Research Network (PERN) UFT169; Institute of Physics Belgrade Serbia CV and Publications; Joint Institutes for Nuclear Research Dubna Russian Federation UFT41; Department of Materials Imperial College London general; Department of Mathematics Oxford University UFT110, National Physical Laboratory Physica Scripta paper. Very intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached.

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