Comparison with Some of the World Leaders in Physics and Chemistry

In terms of number of publications I am probably in the top five in the world of chemistry and physics. In terms of impact measured with much more accurate feedback scientometrics I am the number one in the world at present. The more traditional measures are the h and g indices and number of citations. Here I am in the top few in the world. For example Hawking has published 425 articles compared with my thousand or so, has 11935 citations compared with my seven thousand, a g index of 108 compared with my 68 and an h index of 46 compared with my 33. Harold Scheraga at Cornell has 827 publications, 9778 citations, g index of 69 and h index of 41. A highly ranked British scientist such as Gary Gibbon at Cambridge has 481 publications, 5497 citations, g of 62 and h of 40. My h and g indices are likely to increase quite a lot over the next few years. Hawking’s work is largely obsolete, while ECE is just starting its run in historic terms. Higgs is way out of the running, with very few publications and low h and g indices.

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