Correlation between h and g Factors and Funding

In the contemporary system it seems that funding is correlated directly with the h and g factor of an individual and group. This is vey primitive, but there it is. If they want to compete that way I can compete that way, and so can AIAS. So by this measure AIAS should be well funded in recognition of its world famous work. In order even to apply for funding, I must be a member of a University in Wales or further afield in Britain. These days adjunct full professors are encouraged to work from home, in order to save on overheads. This is why I am working out my h and g indices with great care. I have produced so much work that if an assessor began to read at paper one of the Omnia Opera, he would still be reading after an estimated eighteen months. There is no university in Wales for Welsh speakers at present, and no tertiary outlet for the excellent Welsh medium secondary schools that have led a language revival. AIAS put produces anything that the so called UW (Trinity St David or Spike Milligan Courses for Sale University) can produce in physics. I am not even sure what it is called any more, and that trend of trying to destroy the federal structure of the UW must be reversed immediately.

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