Many thanks, putting it on the blog will do no harm either.

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Please share as you see fit with my compliments.

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This is very important news and congratulations! May I share this with the trusted e mail listing here ? Looks like a massacre more than a victory, and you have done very well. IOP is notoriously conservative. Many thanks for this encouraging news!

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Dear Myron,
Just to apprise you of something I consider to be a “positive vibe”.

I have subscribed (without cost) to a mainstream science magazine site under the umbrella of the IOP – Institute of Physics.
For 2 or 3 years, I have casually monitored the output of the mag. as its content is largely centres on such technology as is seemingly advancing on sound science.
Where it has voiced its authority on matters of EGR related science, I have, over the years, offered some refutational comment without reference to you or to AIAS or related. i.e. my comments and my associations have remained anonymous. I have always offered respectful commentary, never abusive nor superior. Courteous and polite at all times. Always requesting review of “marble axioms”. I post as in most things, as “robertpmc” – i.e. my christian name and remaining initials suffixed.

At first, and I cannot be conclusive here, my comments would never appear in the public section for them. I must allow for technical (IT) ineptitude on my part or on the part of software designers.

A few weeks ago, when a topic was on “Mavericks, Outsiders and Cranks”, I managed to get passed with a longish comment that was in response and support of another commentator who listed refutations as similar on some counts to our school of thought. Subsequently to my first response, the Editor of the mag took mild issue with my comments and posted his position.

The “Positive Vibe” is that, on going to the site yesterday to read any development, there have been 26 comments (some of same authors) with only one disagreeing – The editor!
This is not a 26 – 1 majority as authors have multiple says but the true majority is against mainstream at about 5 or 6-1 in this microcosmic example! And in their own publication!!

A small but significant victory! I look forward to revealing myself and my AIAS association after a few more “little victories”!!

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