Daily Report 31/10/12

There were 2146 hits from 578 distinct visits each of n real visits, 32% spiders from baidu, google, MSN and yandex. CEFE66, CEFEL40, FPL36, LMEP15 for October 2012. Usherbrooke University Canada Essay13; China Unicom “Nobody’s Perfect”; Mathematics Heidelberg Educational Note 1; California Institute of Technology UFT141; Cornell University UFT57; Oklahoma State University UFT175; Electrical Engineering Texas A and M University general; University of Chicago UFT13, UFT177; University of Maryland UFT41; University of Pennsylvania UFT88; Complutensian University Madrid UFT171(Sp); Spanish National Distance Learning University Experimental refutation of Heisenberg; King Juan Carlos University Advanced Institute of Engineering and Telecommuniations, Fuenlabrada Campus, Spain UFT81; University College Dublin Ireland UFT43; US Army Infantry wk229-202 UFT157; Nuclear Physics National University of Mexico UFT140(Sp); University of Groningen UFT102; ICANN International Conference San Juan Puerto Rico F3(Sp); St. Petersburg State University “Englynion” (my strict metre poetry in Welsh); Imperial College London UFT166; International and Students Lincoln College Oxford general and some misconceptions in relativity; Queen’s College Oxford UFT149; University of Central Lancashire UFT25. Intense interest all sectors, attached completed usage file for October 2012, showing intense interest in all items on www.aias.us

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