The Economic Disaster of Wind Turbines

By googling around this becomes very obvious. For example, Obamanomics in the US has run up trillions of dollars in debt and lost ten thousand wind jobs because of outsourcing to other countries. The article in “American Thinker” ( of Sept. 4th 2012 is among the best I have seen. It shows that after thirty years of development in California, over fourteen thousand turbines have been abandoned, they just spin as industrial junk, producing nothing, killing rare wildlife. Wind produces only 2.3% of CA’s energy needs after thirty years of development. Europe is dropping subsidies, resulting in catastrophic job losses and rises in sovereign debt, especially in Spain, Greece and Portugal, three bankrupt countries where people are reportedly looking for food in dustbins. After about ten years, the outage times of turbines gradually rise to 100%, i. e. they stop working. In 2009 for example B. P. fired 40,000 people in Spain after the government dropped subsidies by 30%. As I predicted, the wind turbines have to be demolished. The City of Palm Springs for example has enacted an Ordinance to have derelict turbines demolished. Some operators keep the turbines spinning just to keep oil flowing. They are not actually producing any electricity. Old wind farms cannibalize parts, so only the tower is left, without any blades. Many turbine companies in Europe are going bankrupt, and the new junk turbines flooding in from China are more unreliable than ever. Wind is currently nine times more expensive than gas, and massive new reserves of shale gas are being discovered all the time, enough for hundreds of years ahead. An enormous field of shale gas has been discovered in Britain, with its massive reserves of coal. The windy Scottish bagpipe economy is essentially bankrupt, and Salmonds’ green revolution is showing signs of gangrene. The Scottish landscape is an ugly ruin. What has happened on Betws is that the development has arrived just as subsidies are being dropped. So I predict that in a very few years Betws will be covered with rotting derelict junk, producing nothing. Then Neath Port Talbot Borough Council will be faced with a huge bill for demolition. The wind companies just cut and run and leave the rest of us to clean up their disgusting junk. New legislation must stop turbines, demolish existing wind farms, and make turbine executives personally responsible for debt. Bribed politicians must be exposed mercilessly and expelled from politics and society. Greedy pseudofarmers must be made to pay back their ill gotten subsidies to the government.

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