Daily Report 30/9/12

There were 2,328 hits from 556 distinct visits, 37.4% spiders from baidu, google, MSN, and yandex. CEDE42, FPL27, CEFEL15, LMEP9. Jacobs University Germany UFT101; Columbia University general; Pennsylvania Office of Rural Health, Pennsylvania State University Essay 24; University of California Los Angeles UFT215, UFT214; University of Texas Medical Branch My CV; Tokai Communications Network Japan overview of ECE, UFT113, UFT226, UFT60, Spacetime devices, UFT213,definitive proofs, Open Letter to Vice Chancellors of the University of Wales, general; Seattle Public Library UFT107; Iyte University Turkey UFT26; University of Witwatersrand South Africa UFT25. Intense interest all sectors. Attached usage file updated daily. This is the completed usage file for September 2012.

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