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229(6): LENR, Quantum Tunnelling and Mass Increase Due to Absorption

September 30, 2012

In this note the idea is introduced of mass increase due to spacetime absorption, described in eq. (29). Usually absorption of a photon for example is described by the energy increase:

E2 goes to E2 + h bar omega

so momentum of the photon is not considered. This neglect of momentum leads to a collapse of absorption theory as described in UFT162 on Using the Coulomb barrier, Horst Eckardt has found that quantum tunnelling is maximized for large mass. So it is now possible to use the methods of notes 229(5) and 229(6) together to optimize the conditions for low energy nuclear reaction. Note 229(5) introduced the fusion barrier potential of conventional fusion theory (proton proton Coulombic repulsion plus strong force attraction). The problem is to find the condition for maximum T for E << V. Numerical methods can now be applied in the WKB approximation with a realistic fusion barrier potential, with and without spacetime absorption. The Brillouin company uses phonon absorption, whose angular frequency and wave number can be used in eq. (29). In ECE theory, phonon absorption is spacetime absorption within a proportionality factor.


Parents of Mary Hopkin, wife of Twm Jones Llanbedr

September 30, 2012

They were Daniel Hopkin Fagwr and Hannah, nee unknown, both born 1811. Fagwr is about half a mile away from here. The parents of our ancestor Twm Jones Llanbedr are as yet unknown. Daniel Hopkin Fagwr descended from the Hopkin Family of Rhyndwy Clydach, the earliest record of which is 1628. They were Dissenters and Levellers of the Commonwealth associated with Gellionnen Unitarian Chapel (1692) and Baran Independent Chapel (1805). Many emigrated to Pennsylvania. The Betws area has just been totally destroyed by wind turbines, but I hope that they will be demolished eventually.

Jones Genealogy Research

September 30, 2012

Diolch yn fawr i chi, da iawn i glywed wrthoch! Thank you very much, very good to hear from you.

I think it would be an excellent thing to start a Welsh speaking University in Wisconsin, one in which all staff and students are fluent in Welsh and in which all teaching is done in Welsh. It could be coordinated with the National Eisteddfod in Wales. UNESCO has warned urgently on the extinction of the Welsh language due to uncontrolled monoglot immigration into Wales that destroys the language. The great American architect Frank Lloyd Wright was a Lloyd-Jones of Wisconsin on his mother’s side. This group is made up of cousins of various kinds, and some other friends. In the appendix of the opening chapter of my autobiography I give all the relevant genealogy, also found in all detail on The autobiography is found in the blue box above my coat of arms on the home page of One of my cousins on my father’s side, Stuart Davies, is an excellent genealogist. To find out more about William Jones Craig Cefn Parc and Rachel Morris Ystrad Gynlais the easiest way is to use If you know which year they were married, and where they lived, you can use the Census records to find their children. There are also birth, marriage and death certificates. If you can kindly inform me when and where they were married I will have a look at Ancestry to see if they had more than one child. I am a US Dual citizen naturalized at Cornell in 2000, but I do not think that anyone else from my immediate family emigrated. On my father’s side I am descended in a Royal Celtic Line from Tewdwr Mawr, and on my mother’s side from a Havard line that in all probability goes back to Sir Walter Havard of Norman and Norse origin. I was born in this house in Craig Cefn Parc and never spoke any English in the family. My immediate family here were my parents and maternal grandparents. They were all coal miners and farmers. In my direct Evans line they were hard working labourers back to Edward Evans Llanigon, Powys. So my homely lines are Evans and Jones. I never knew my paternal grandparents but they have a very distinguished lineage, back through the Ynys Cedwyn gentry of Ystrad Gynlais to the fourth century A. D. In the Newlands Line I am descended from Mac Donald Clan na Chatan and Clan Mac an Taoiseach through Clan Mac Tomaidh, and also of course from Clan Newlands of Norse origin.

All cousins and others are welcome here for Christmas!

In a message dated 29/09/2012 17:36:47 GMT Daylight Time, writes:

Diolch yn fawr, Myron!

Do you have any information about William Jones and Rachel Morris’ union and if they had any other children besides Gwilym? There is family lore that Gwilym had a brother who also came to the United States and was a famous senator or governor in the western states, but I haven’t been able to find time to research this. If you have any clues, please let me know!

I see that you copied your e-mail and my thread to others, so I am assuming there are other descendants of Thomas Jones and Mary Hopkin out there. Are any of them in the United States?

You are right – I am in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, about 17 miles north of Milwaukee, and about 90 miles north of Chicago. We are originally from the Chicago area and moved here about 20 years ago. I am very much connected to the Welsh community both in the Chicago and the Milwaukee areas. My father is half Welsh (and a Jones) and his roots go back via Liverpool to Corris (Machynlleth). My mother was Gwilym’s youngest daughter. She passed away three years ago.

As I mentioned, we are close to our Welsh roots. Our son, who is finishing his last year of college, is a linguist and has attended Cwrs Cymraeg (North American Welsh Course) for the last five years. He is quite good at Welsh, more in the structure of the language (mutations!) and less so in conversation. In the summer of 2010, Cwrs was held in Cardiff and, because of the level (5) he was in, he was able to study with the Wlpan group at the Welsh Adult Learning Center at University of Cardiff. I met him at the end of the week, rented a car and we drove around Wales for a week. What an adventure!

To fill you in on Gwilym’s family. He was born in Ystradgynlais and married Mary Williams from Cwmaman (Aberdare) and they lived in Ystradgynlais. He was a miner and a baritone of some note and won the National Eisteddfod in 1916 and 1918 (not sure what category, though). Dr. Daniel Protheroe (also from Ystradgynlais) encouraged him to tour and come to the United States where he settled in Chicago. He and Mary had six children who survived to old age. Gwilym emigrated in the late 1920s with his two sons, and his wife and four daughters came in the early 1930s. He could not find work as a soloist and worked as a machinist until his death in the 1940s.

All this information is so interesting! I have been researching my father’s Jones side because he is still alive and has been enjoying my discoveries. As I said, his paternal roots go back to Corris and his maternal roots go back to Cornwall. Without visiting the UK or investing a lot of time into the search for his relatives, I have found out as much as I can for the time being. So I thought I would try my maternal Jones side.

I look forward to hearing from you again. We are currently moving my father into a retirement apartment, so if I run across any more information about the William and Gwilym connection in his collection of “stuff,” I’ll be glad to send it along.

I will be in touch!

Jan Batty
Subject: Jones Genealogy Research

Very nice to hear from you, cousin! I assume you are in Wisconsin in the United States. Frank Lloyd Wright’s family on his mother’s side were the Lloyd-Jones Family of Wisconsin (probably unrelated). My great grandfather Tommy Thomas Jones was your great grandfather’s younger brother. So your great great grandfather and mine was Tomos Jones Llanbedr (Thomas Jones Lampeter), born 1826, who married Mary Hopkin Craig Cefn Parc, born 1836, our great great grandmother. I have just published volume one of my autobiography (, “O Hudd ei Ddoe”; the preprint is in the blue box on the home page of and Tommy Thomas Jones is mentioned there – all of what I know. In order to find out more about your great grandfather, William Jones, his birth, marriage and death certificates are extant, and also Censi records (Census of 1831, 1841, 1851, 1861, etc.). The Censi are all online in The Hopkin Family is among the oldest of RhyndwyClydach, going back to Tudor times. I descend in three known ways from the Hopkin Family, Mary Hopkin, William Hopkin Cwm Nant y Moel, and Daniel Hopkin Fagwr. To go further back than Tomos Jones Llanbedr the parochial and other records are needed because there are no Census records. Good genealogists can go back further than the Census, but parochial records are often inaccurate and incomplete. There are wills, quit deeds, bonds, conveyancing and so on but records for the poorer people are difficult to find, especially as they were often illiterate adn owned no land. However, some were eloquent and intelligent, and there is always the possibility that a record may be found.

Cyfarchion gorau,

Myron Evans

In a message dated 29/09/2012 00:01:21 GMT Daylight Time, writes:

Hello Dr. Evans – I am doing some genealogical research and wanted to find out if we might have a connection. I have copied a portion of one of your entries below, and wanted to know if you have any more information on the William Jones, born circa 1859.

My great-grandfather’s name is William Jones. From the family records I have, he was born in Craig-Cefn-Parc, South Wales and married Rachel Morris from Ystradgynlais. I only have record of one child, my grandfather Gwilym Jones born 21 November, 1884. I have been told that there were other children but at this point in my research I haven’t found them.

If any of this sounds familiar, and if you have any further information about William, I would be delighted to hear from you.

Janis Jones Batty


Your entry:

Lineage of Jones: THOMAS JONES, born 1826, married Mary Hopkin (born 1836), and had issue,

1a John JONES, born circa 1855.

2a William JONES, born circa 1859.

3a Ruth JONES, born 1866.

4a THOMAS T. JONES, see below.

5a Margaret JONES, born 1870.

6a Daniel JONES, born 1872.

7a Mary JONES, born 1875.

Latest Archive of

September 30, 2012

To National Library of Wales:

I see that the site was downloaded by the British Library on 9th September, but the archive has not yet appeared on I assume that this is due to pressure of work, and that it will appear shortly. Many thanks for this important work.

Diolch yn fawr, Myron Evans

Blog Stats

September 30, 2012

The blog has been read 119,299 times since feedback stats of this type became available on 1st Jan, 2010. It has been read since this date in 135 countries, led by Britain, US and Canada. It goes back to June 2006 and contains over fifteen thousand postings. For the last month the feedback is dominated entirely by LENR. As each new note is produced it is studied by hundreds of readers, making a total of many thousands of readings in one month or so. University support for this work is urgently needed, so that there can be a University / AIAS cooperation. In Britain, I could then apply to EPSRC for funding. At present I am still not allowed to do so, despite being the only Civil List scientist. New legislation is needed to remove such an absurd anomaly, which is due to the rule that only members of staffs of universities can apply to EPSRC. I brought in an awful lot of SERC funding to Aberystwyth before the administrative corruption of that era stopped all my work there in 1983 and wasted millions in government funding. At the time this was regarded all over Britain as a fiasco brought about by a corrupt administration. This injustice was kindly righted by the BBC by my election to the Hall of Fame. So it has remained ever since. Aberystwyth is now a totally insignificant backwater, while AIAS is an obvious world leader run from a coal miner’s house. There is something just a little wrong with government in Wales. The overview file shows that essentially all universities of relevance read ECE theory all the time all over the world. These days AIAS staff can work as visiting professors at any university anywhere over the internet. Distance learning is now routine.

Numerical Results for Note 229(4) by Dr. Horst Eckardt

September 30, 2012

There is the important result that the transmission coefficient T in the WKB approxiamtion always has a maximum for any potential. So LENR design should tune to this maximum. The Lennard Jones does not have an analytical integral, and the Woods Saxon integral is complicated. I suggest that Horst go on to note 229(5), which uses the fusion barrier potential used in routine fusion theory, in order to try to find numerically whether quantum tunnelling can result in a high T for E << V. The fusion barrier potential is sketched in Fig. (1) of note 229(5). At present all these notes are being studied intensely off the blog around the world as they are produced. It might be possible to fit the fusion barrier potential with a curve fitting program, then integrate it numerically. The fusion barrier potential is given in eq. (1) of note 229(5), and is a combination of a Coulombic proton proton repulsion and a nuclear strong force attraction modelled by a modified Woods Saxon potential so that V = 0 at r = 0, goes through a maximum at the fusion barrier, then decreases again to zero. The key question is whether quantum tunnelling through the fusion barrier can occur for E << V, i.e. for low energies E. That would be low energy nuclear fusion by quantum tunnelling alone. In the next note I plan to give the ECE theory of quantum tunnelling accompanied by absorption of a wave of spacetime. In the Brillioun Company design this is a phonon wave.

In a message dated 29/09/2012 18:01:47 GMT Daylight Time, writes:

I did some calculations with the Lennard-Jones and Woods-Saxon potenital.

The first general result is: the maximum of the transmission coefficient
in WKB approximation is valid vor all forms of potentials. This comes
out from the general form

T = 4 / (2*theta + 1/(2 theta))^2

(eq.(3)) which gives a maximum at theta=1/2. In the preceding email I
used the abbreviation

y = theta^2

where consequently the maximum is at y=1/4.

The Lennard-Jones potential has to be inserted in eq.(4) for theta. The
integral is quite problematic, there is no analytical solution. I tried
a Taylor series expansion of the integrand (Maxima handled this), but
this is highly complicated already in second order and not practical.
The situation is better for the Woods-Saxon potential. The integral is
solvable analytically in the approximation E=0. I integrated from 0 to
infinity where the integral exists. As a result one obtains a
complicated expression with log functions of the parameters of the
potential. When evaluating the y value for T=1 in the same way as for
the Coulumb potential, it comes out that m is inversely proportional to
V0 (eq. %o25, E=0 was assumed as reported, y1 and y2 depend on the
Woods-Saxon parameters only). This is not so easy to fulfill because
with increasing m, the potential constant V0 increases (i.e. the
potential becomes more negative for r=0). This is just the inverse
behaviour compared to the calculational result.


Feedback for September 2012 To Date

September 30, 2012

This is found as usual at the end of the attached file. Up to September 29th there were 16,900 distinct visits, 70,644 hits, 45,234 page views, 9.53 gigabytes downloaded, 2,546 documents read from 105 countries, led by USA, Britain, Mexico, Germany, Ukraine, Italy, Canada, Brazil, …… All material studied or heard off the website. Congratulations to all staff.


Daily Report Saturday 29 / 9 /12

September 30, 2012

There were 2,294 hits from 521 distinct visits, 34.5% spiders from baidu, google, MSN, yandex and UTEL. CEFE41, FPL27, CEFEL14, LMEP9. Columbia University UFT56, Information Technology Services at Case Western Reserve University UFT215; Guanajuato University Mexico general. National Central University Taiwan UFT133 (Sp). Intense interest all sectors, attached usage file updated daily. In September 2012 to date there have been 16,900 distinct visits, 70,644 hits, 45,234 page views, 2,546 documents read from 105 countries, led by US, Britain, Mexico, Germany, Ukraine, Italy, Canada, Brazil, …….

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Crackpotwatch Blocked

September 29, 2012

This is excellent news, many thanks! I think that a blacklist of abusers can be sent to major distributors such as Tesco so that a coordinated move can be made against all known habitual abusers. My next step will be as advised by the Charlotte Mecklenburg police and phone in a complaint to them at the police station closest to “Lizzie Borden”. This pseudonym is one of those used by crackpotwatch. It would be a good idea to ask Vodafone and all other carriers to block crackpotwatch. I have fingerprint evidence here if the police wish to look at it. All individuals known to be habitual users could find themselves banned completely from the internet. New, much tougher, legislation against them is needed. “Lizzie Borden” faces up to five years in prison here under the 1997 Prevention of Harassment Act. Those who run crackpotwatch also face prison sentences under the same Act for compounding a felony. I will press my complaint against the student David Fischer of the Genome Unit in the University of Zurich. Being knowing associates of Lizzie Borden, the owners of crackpotwatch all face criminal prosecution. The police can apply for a warrant or sub poena in the U. S. to reveal their identity. I am a big fan of WordPress and crackpotwatch does not do WordPress any good. It would be in their own interest to remove it. Crackpotwatch shadows my own highly influential blog, which is read in 135 countries. Such shadowing is de facto aggravated harassment, and abuse is de facto common assault. Photographing my home is a violation of the 1997 Prevention of Harassment Act and a violation of the right to privacy. On these grounds, the South Wales police opened an investigation of “Lizzie Borden”, almost certainly associated in some way with UNCC. The latter is in receipt of severe international condemnation.

In a message dated 29/09/2012 15:58:48 GMT Daylight Time writes:

Today we went for our weekly ‘exciting’shopping trip to Tesco and I took my laptop, iphone and ipad with me to investigate Crackpotwatch’s suggestion that I am unfamiliar with WiFi use. I reviewed the security setting on the three devices and I can confirm that Crackpotwatch is DEFINITELY blocked (on ALL THREE devices) by Tesco WiFi (your blog is not blocked), there is absolutely no doubt about it. There was an apology from Tesco saying that the site is blocked because the content may be abusive, etc, etc. So I sent an email to Mr (?) Crackpotwatch saying that if he/she knows somebody who lives in Cambridge he should ask them to go to the Tesco Cambridge (Fulbourn) with a Tesco points card (required for connecting to Tesco Wifi) and check. When I disconnected from Tesco Wifi and connected using Vodafone 3G the site again appeared

Victor Riecansky


Cambridge International Science Publishing

The Key Points in the Battle for Mynydd y Gwair and Betws

September 29, 2012

These are as follows;

1) Swansea Councils must assess the new application by Wind Power as if it were a new one, and throw it out immediately as being a repetition of an already rejected application that is almost 100% opposed by everyone.
2) The Welsh Ministers must not over-rule the Swansea Councils.
3) No new planning application for Mynydd y Gwair will ever be considered, including this one.
4) The opposition groups must be ready and willing to file immediately for a judicial review if the Welsh ministers catalyse a democratic crisis by ignoring an essentially unanimous local opposition.
5) The opposition groups must be able to combine to file an injunction if the Welsh ministers roll over in apathy or ignore democracy.

The lessons learned from Betws is that none of the opposition was effective at all. There was a lot of empty talk and almost total apathy. An injunction can be filed against Betws at any time, but this needs a combined effort. If apathy rules now, economics will defeat wind turbines later. At some point the turbines on Betws will have to be scrapped or left there to rot like a scrapyard. Similarly for much of what used to be Wales. No tourists need come here any more.

Note that this is very similar to a script from Monte Python’s Flying Circus – government policy in complete ruins.