229(6): LENR, Quantum Tunnelling and Mass Increase Due to Absorption

In this note the idea is introduced of mass increase due to spacetime absorption, described in eq. (29). Usually absorption of a photon for example is described by the energy increase:

E2 goes to E2 + h bar omega

so momentum of the photon is not considered. This neglect of momentum leads to a collapse of absorption theory as described in UFT162 on www.aias.us. Using the Coulomb barrier, Horst Eckardt has found that quantum tunnelling is maximized for large mass. So it is now possible to use the methods of notes 229(5) and 229(6) together to optimize the conditions for low energy nuclear reaction. Note 229(5) introduced the fusion barrier potential of conventional fusion theory (proton proton Coulombic repulsion plus strong force attraction). The problem is to find the condition for maximum T for E << V. Numerical methods can now be applied in the WKB approximation with a realistic fusion barrier potential, with and without spacetime absorption. The Brillouin company uses phonon absorption, whose angular frequency and wave number can be used in eq. (29). In ECE theory, phonon absorption is spacetime absorption within a proportionality factor.


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