227(8): One Page Summary, Resonant Spacetime Absorption as LENR Catalyst

This is a summary of the ECE theory of LENR, by which resonant absorption of spacetime quanta produce excited nuclear quantum states, these transmute to the products of low energy nuclear fusion, the fused atom and usable energy. Total energy is conserved and the quantized energy of spacetime is transferred to the reactants. Coulombic repulsion between protons of the reactants cannot prevent the nuclear fusion from occurring. In a parallel way, a photon can be absorbed by an electron of an atom, and the electron gains a quantum of energy – the Planck Einstein theory. The “top secret” catalysts used in LENR have been developed over a quarter century. In ECE, all is spacetime and both processes are understood in the same way as part of unified physics, or generally covariant unified field theory. This new types of spacetime quantum can be called the “spaceon” for want of a better appellation. The important thing is that this is a new source of energy for humankind, and that it is expected to be on the market next spring.


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