227(5): Solutions of the Fermion Equation for the Compton Effect

The reason why Dr. Arthur Compton hit on the right formula becomes clear when the fermion equation is considered as in the attached note. When the electron is initially stationary the only possible quantization is that of the old quantum theory of Planck, Einstein and de Broglie, in which case the fermion equation gives the Compton formula. In all other cases a Dirac type quantization is possible with the Schroedinger ansatz, eq. (7), and many new features of particle scattering theory emerge. This quantization scheme cures the serious problems discovered in UFT158 ff. The old quantum theory cannot give a correct description of particle scattering, while the new quantum theory can do so under all circumstances. The next note will generalize this solution to describe the interaction of particles each of which has mass. Then we will have a fully developed theory of reactions, transmutations and scattering.


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