Daily Report 27/8/12

There were 1,938 hits from 527 distinct visits each of n real visits, 22.7% spiders; CEFE57, LMEP35, CEFE Leaflet 25. University of Chile Computer Center Felker1 (Sp); Department of Electrical Engineering Federico Santa Maria Technical University Chile Resonance simulation circuit; China Unicom “Nobody’s Perfect”; Valle University Colombia UFT160(Sp); Northrop Grumman Corporation UFT75; spiders from MSN, google, baidu and yandex; Simens Company homopolar generator; California Institute of Technology (Caltech) my CV; Rhodes College Memphis Essay11; Rice University Texas UFT25; IFP New Energy France double slit; Fritz Haber Centre for Molecular Research Hebrew University Jerusalem UFT177; Guanajuato University Mexico Essay42 (Sp); National Autonomous University of Mexico UFT177 (Sp); City of Boras Sweden UFT43. Intense activity all sectors, attached daily updated uage file for August to date.

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