Interest in my Private Diary ( blog)

Since January 1st 2010 the diary has been read 109,425 times from one hundred and thirty countries, led by Britain, U. S. A. and Canada. It has almost fourteen thousand postings since 2006 on science, illustrations, animations, poetry in Welsh and English, genealogy, history, art and current affairs. All self readings and spamming are eliminated automatically. It is meant to be a private diary, shared sometimes with respected colleagues and like minded friends, not a forum. If anyone wishes to discuss my work they can e mail me or write to me. I will only consider e mail from persons who identify themselves and their qualifications in the usual professional manner. AIAS policy is to ignore anonymous comments. The blog is obviously very influential throughout the world, and is an ambassador for the Welsh language and culture as well as leading edge science. The blog is archived quarterly at the British Library on via a pdf file set up on the main site by AIAS Fellow Michael Jackson. The entire site is archived quarterly from the National Library of Wales at the British Library in London. It is also archived by the U. S. Archives supported by Library of Congress and N. S. F. and National Archives Department of the U. S. Government, so is obviously considered both sides of the Atlantic to be best quality science.

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