ECE and AIAS Scientometrology: Referring URL Report in .rtf

This is the multi thousand page referring URL report in .rtf format. My system was not able to put it into .pdf format, probably because it is too large, but someone else may be able to translate to .pdf perhaps by cutting up the .trf file into smaller ones, then translating using the .pdf maker. This file is of key archival and scientometrological importance because it shows that all AIAS work on is being intensively studied, and this indicates unprecedented real time impact. This .rtf file will not appear on this blog, but a .pdf version could be archived on and added to the previous .pdf version made by Michael Jackson about a year ago. It will then be archived for conservation by the British Library in London on from the National Library of Wales. I advise AIAS Fellows and others to archive this file carefully in your own computers. It is a historically unique record since about December 2006. It can be seen that the main referrer is the index of on its home page. This indicates that users all over the world know very well, log on to the home page, then use the index to find what they are looking for. They then read what they find, and this is true impact. A journal citation is not a true measure of impact for several reasons, especially if that journal has attempted to censor ECE theory.

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