Assumptions and Approximations of the Dirac Equation

Agreed completely. Both Dirac and Einstein were clever enough to find the right result by means of aproximations which are very delicate and very carefully chosen in a tortuous way to give the right result. In Einstein’s case completely wrong approximations as in UFT 150-B and in Horst’s essay “Nobody’s Perfect”. The Higgs boson theory is just empty propaganda, as a yawning and resigned general public fully realizes as their wallets get ever thinner. Dirac was once asked if the public could understand what he was doing, and he gave a one word reply: “no”. I think that Higgs was asked if the mythical boson had any use, and he too said “no”. However, some of us peasants can understand what is going on.

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This is a good summary of the transition from classical to relativistic particle theory. It could be important to note that certain assumptions are made concerning the strength of the electric potential. On the nuclear scale it has to be proven that these prerequisites are still valid, or one has to use the non-approximated equations.


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This note gives complete details of how the relativistic classical equation for a free particle is quantized, and introduces the minimal prescription. The remarkable new insight obtained by ECE theory is all of these famous results are obtained from the tetrad postulate of Cartan geometry through the fermion equation (57) using the semi-classical minimal prescription. This semi-classical method can be extended to any type of particle interaction. It is well known that this method gave the g factor of the electron on the Dirac level, the Lande factor ESR, NMR, MRI, the Thomas factor, spin orbit coupling and the Darwin effect. In ECE theory these are all obtained from geometry, from the tetrad postulate, which is developed into the fermion equation (see UFT section on The ECE fermion equation is equvalent to the chiral representation of the Dirac equation, and removes the problem of negative energy, giving for the first time a single fermion quantization in quantum field theory. The whole of this method can be adopted for particle interaction and low energy nuclear reaction, the minimal prescription being applied to the interaction of a particle with a matter wave of spacetime itself. There are many developments possible on this semi-classical level, and as suggested by Horst Eckardt, this method can be extended to two and n particle wavefunctions. By now it is well known that spacetime contains energy, energy from spcetime has been a mature technology for some twenty five years (, and now LENR will be commericalized by next spring.

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