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OK, many thanks, this Garth document can be posted as a stand alone document. The lines in 1 7 2 remain as they were but the evidence for them has been greatly solidified and clarified in the past three years or so due to the combined work of Sir Arthur Turner-Thomas, Stuart Davies and myself, building on work by Leonid Morgan and Clement Bartrum. This is the most accurate genealogy of the Ynys Cedwyn line yet constructed. It was once a vast estate that covered much of South Wales, and became a center (centre) for the industrial revolution, especially in the Swansea Valley. A great amount of land was awarded to Dr. William Aubrey by Elizabeth 1st Tudor. I have established that these are two ancestral cousins of the Morgan Awbrey Family of Glyn Tawe from which the historian Stuart Davies, the author Tony Hibbert and I descend. Genealogy always advances of course as new scholarship is completed.

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I do not find a previous version to update by title. If there are versions of this and Ynys please advise so I can update them. I could just add them if there are not previous versions.

Garth is mentioned in Note 2 so maybe you might review Notes 1 7 2 to see if they need to be updated as well.


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This is the updated Royal Celtic Line of “Y Garth” from Richard Awbrey of Ynys Cedwyn (b. 1470) to Morgan ap Thomas y Garth (1735 – 1805) who married his distant cousin Elizabeth Portrey of Ynys Cedwyn Hall (19/6/1735 – 24/9/1825). The first five generations are in the Ynys Cedwyn Estate papers and the original document indices are given where relevant. The last three generations are in relatively modern documents such as conveyance, wills, parish records and so on. So the Morgan Awbrey Family and myself have two lines of descent from Richard Awbrey of Ynys Cedwyn, who was descended by marriage from Tewdwr Mawr (b. 977) Prince of Deheubarth, Morganwg and Powys, the Queen’s Tudor ancestor. It is interesting to note that Thomas ap Morgan ap Thomas (1690 – 1761) was married to Elizabeth John, who may have been the sister of Gwenllian John , common law wife of Christopher Portrey of Ynys Cedwyn Hall, and mother of Elizabeth Portrey. However, there may be no relation because of the patronymic system, in which case they would have been known as Elizabeth ferch John, Elizabeth daughter of John, and Gwenllian ferch John. “John” is a very common name. If they were sisters then Morgan ap Thomas y Garth and Elizabeth Portrey of Ynys Cedwyn Hall would have been first cousins, and the Church might not allow marriage between first cousins, only distant cousins. This is speculative at present.

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