LENR Fermion Equation

The ECE wave equation for low energy nuclear reaction can be factorized into the ECE fermion equation (Dirac equation derived from Cartan geometry with the correct choice of gamma matrices to eliminate the problem of negative energy). The basic idea is that the low energy nuclear reaction is caused by an input of energy from spacetime, through the R factor or interacting mass of the ECE wave equation for the process.The fermion equation predicts that the reaction should be accompanied by various effects on the electron or proton g factor, effects on ESR, NMR and so forth, and effects on spin orbit coupling spectra. In the first notes for UFT225 I was developing this type of minimal prescription in order to construct a new electroweak theory, and that can be incorporated in UFT226. I realized that the Higgs boson theory was completely wrong in its electroweak sector on scrutinizing the book by Ryder, and that became UFT225, beginning to be read now around the world. It is well known that the people trying to promote Higgs theory ignore all refutations, (there are many conclusive refutations by various groups), so they are certainly no longer scientists and should not really be funded by taxation. Some of them are pretty hostile to AIAS but that is their problem. Their attempts at censorship are totally ineffective. The loonie fringe has even resorted to gutter abuse and threats (internet trolling), photographing my house, and so on. They should be dismissed for academic misconduct if their identities are found, and one of them is likely to be arrested if found. There are methods of finding him, or any troll. The internet does not, in fact, provide anonymity. This ultra conservative loonie fringe dismisses any new technology that cannot be understood with the completely obsolete standard model. Even if they were given a LENR unit to keep them warm, they would say that it was unrefeeed:

Imperious Caesar, dead and turned to clay
Might stop a hole to keep the wind away,
Oh that that dust which kept the world in awe
Should patch a wall to ‘xpel the winter’s flaw.

(from “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare)

For “Imperious Caear” read “Imperious boson”. Shakespeare was influenced by de Montaigne, and was completely undogmatic (Kenneth Clark, “Civilization” on youtube), a figure of the Elizabethan rennaisance. He would have been well known to Francis Bacon and like minded investigators of nature.

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