Intense Interest in My Diary (blog on

There has been intense intrest in August in Low Energy Nuclear Reaction and in the refutation of the Higgs boson theory, especially note 224(6). So in August so far there have been 656 readings per day on average. Since January 1st 2010 there have been 106,867 readings from 129 countries, led by Britain, U.S., Canada, Germany, France, Italy, India, Australia, Sweden, Spain, …. My diary covers several subject areas and there is interest in all of them: science, literature, history, genealogy, Welsh affairs. The posting “Low Energy Nuclear Reaction” immediately became the most read posting. It is followed by the home page / archives of the blog, showing that the readership follows the diary every day. Self readings are excluded from the statistics, and spam, trolls, scam and assorted societal rubbish like that are excluded automatically. The blog is a diary, the main site is the scientific site. Both are archived from the National Library of Wales at the British Library in London on, as outstanding. I have begun a theory of low energy nuclear reaction, a technology which is expected to arrive next spring, making wind turbines obsolete overnight. This ought to happen if governments had any sense at all.

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