Some Scientists in Marquis Who’s Who

These include Paul Dirac and Wolfgang Pauli for example. Dirac spent his last years in Florida, where my colleague Paolo Grigolini saw him in a library once, looking rather sad and dejected. For some, it is a difficult transition from Britain to the heat and humidity of Florida. Others like to retire there. Marquis is free of the notorious personal attacks of wikipedia, which is being more and more heavily criticised, one of its founders has resigned for example. Wikipedia has an article on Marquis, so we are all in wiki after all – big deal. I would much rather be in Marquis. AIAS is obviously very distinguished, many Fellows are included in Marquis, and as Director I am pleased and proud of that. On the web one can see full professors at universities being proud of the fact that they have been selected for Marquis. The flagship edition is Marquis Who’s Who in America, which includes the President, Congress and Supreme Court. I was in that edition during my years in the U. S. There are some glaring omissions like Alwyn van der Merwe, Gareth Evans, Alex Hill and Stephen Crothers. I will go about nominating them. They both fully deserve to be there, and so do others.

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