July Feedback for www.aias.us to date

The synoposis of the 2% higher education sector and similar is found as usual at the end of the attached file, initiated on 30th April 2004. In July to date there have been 16,174 distinct visits, 74,655 hits, 48,040 page views, 7.40 gigabytes downloaded from 99 countries, led by: USA, Italy, Ukraine, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Britain, Australia,….. As usual the complete feedback will be in tomorrow. I will distribute web pages of the huge total interest to this e mail grouping, the web pages do not go on to this blog. The higher education sector and similar comprise only 2% of the total interest. There is therefore complete acceptance of ECE physics and its methods of education and feedback, and complete rejection of the standard physics and its methods of publication and citation of dogmatic material. It is common knowledge that the standard physics has been refuted in many ways.


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