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These web pages (which do not go on to this blog) contain complete details of the huge interest in the website, and contain the raw data from which I construct the overview file frequently posted on this blog. The overview file is posted on quarterly, and the blog, interleaved with feedback by Michael Jackson, is also posted on quarterly. All authors can find the status of their articles in one of the attached feedback files (complete usage statistics for this July). The very intense level of interest shown in these raw data files is essentially constant, and so will exist for the foreseeable future. Therefore this is not only a new school of thought in natural philosophy, but also a new system of physics education and impact assessment wholly independent of the endless refuted dogma of standard physics, rejected by entire professions and by now rejected by common knowledge. This is a great achievement by AIAS over the last decade so congratulations to all staffs. The site is considered in Britain to be an outstanding website and has been archived quarterly since about March 2010 from the National Library of Wales by the British Library in London on the British website archive, science and technology section, first site. It is also archived on the US website archives supported by Library of Congress in Washington D. C. and the U. S. National Science Foundation (NSF). So it is also considered to be an outstanding website in the United States (I am a U. S. dual citizen). It is also archived as an outstanding website on mainland Europe in the European website archives maintained in various centres such as Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin. This is all voluntary work on behalf of new science for which I have been recognized by three high honours of the British Government, in 2005, 2008 and 2011. Several AIAS staff members have also been recognized individually for this work by such things as inclusion in the world’s leading and prestigious reference vehicle, “Marquis Who’s Who”. The work has to be done voluntarily because at present standard physics is uselessly over funded at the expense of chemistry, engineering and medicine, and at the expense of the tax payer and vitally important new energy research.

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