AIAS Fellows in Marquis Who’s Who in the World

This is the world’s premier reference vehicle, and the following AIAS Fellows and past and present of my research associates and like minded colleagues are included. Only one in a hundred thousand people appear here.

1) Myron Wyn Evans, Director (in 26 editions of MWW in America, World, and Science and Engineering).
2) Horst Eckardt, Deputy Director and UPITEC Director.
3) Sean MacLachlan, Fellow and UPITEC Secretary.
4) Douglas Willard Lindstrom, Fellow.
5) Kerry Richard Pendergast, Fellow.
6) Jose Ramalho Croca, Fellow.
7) Corneliu Ciubotariu, Fellow
8) Raymond W. J. Delaforce, Fellow
9) Bo Peter Lehnert, Fellow and B(3) type theory pioneer
10) Nils Hugo Abramson, Fellow.
11) William Thomas Coffey, Fellow and B(3) type theory pioneer
12) Liudmila Antonovna Pozhar, Fellow.
13) Jozef Kazimierz Moscicki, Fellow.
14) Sisir Roy, Fellow and B(3) type theory pioneer.

15) George Chao-Jang Lie, colleague at IBM Kingston.
16) Terence William Barrett, B(3) type theory pioneer.
17) Henning F. Harmuth, B(3) type theory pioneer.
18) Lawrence Paul Horwitz, B(3) type theory pioneer.
19) Donald B. Reed, B(3) type theory pioneer.
20) Malvin Howard Kalos, colleague and sometime Director Cornell Theory Center.
21) George Henry Wagniere, colleague and sometime Dean University of Zurich.
22) Konrad Singer, SERC CCP5 colleague and sometime Professor, Royal Holloway College.
23) Sir John Shipley Rowlinson, F. R.S., colleague and sometime Dr. Lee’s Profesor of Chemistry, Oxford.
24) Henryk Ratajczak, Sometime Dean Wroclaw University.
25) Ryszard Tanas, co author in “Modern Nonlinear Optics”, sometime Director of the Stanislaw Kielich Institute, Poznan University.
26) Stanislaw Wozniak, colleague and co author, University of Zurich.

To be included next year

27) Victor Riecansky, Publisher of Cambridge International Science Publishing.

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