About your blogpost on Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR)

Nice to hear from you, Horst Eckardt will be attending this conference and if I get more news I will certainly post it on the blog.

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That was a very interesting post. You might not be aware of it but
there’s currently a relatively large following around LENR and Andrea
Rossi’s E-Cat. I’m not an avid reader of your Blog, but I think it would
gather much much attention if it covered LENR again from time to time
(considering the possible implications to the Standard Model if proven

For example, it looks like there will be a conference in Zurich about
LENR (or maybe even specifically about Rossi’s E-Cat?). Could you or
Dr. Eckardt provide more information about it?

By the way, there were rumors circulating on the Internet about the
possible involvement of Andrea Rossi with Siemens AG. Incidentally,
Horst Eckardt, featured in the email quoted in your LENR blogpost, also
works for Siemens. This is probably not a coincidence.

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