The Internet Trolls

By studying the Collyer Bristow solicitors site I see that there is a recognized brand of criminal known as an internet troll, who uses the internet (e.g. a shadow blog) to make abusive derogatory, defamatory and pejorative comments. They are committing a criminal, repeat criminal, offence under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 and Article Eight of the European Convention on Human Rights. A court order may be obtained by the police to reveal their identity – a Norwich Pharmacal Order. Section 4 of the Protection from Harassment Act deals with “putting a person in fear of violence” and photographing my house comes under this, because the pseudonym “Lizzie Borden” comes from an axe murderer. So this person has committed a serious crime. It carries five years in prison maximum. A civil injunction may be sought to remove obviously defamatory material. So shadowing a website is a criminal offence. False accusation is also a criminal offence. So a pseudonym such as “Aaron Vee” and “Lizzie Borden” can be revealed. “Lizzie Borden” was involved in photographing my house and in the shadow blog, which comes under the category of hate crime. The police are obliged by law to find the identity of this pseudonym, and also “Aaron Vee”.

cc Prime Minister’s office,
Royal Society of Chemistry,
Mr Martin Caton, M. P,
South Wales Police

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