Preface to “Life of Myron Evans”

We can post this of course. Have you got a doc or pdf file of the preface? In its preprint format on the book was a best seller, pleasantly written by the Royal Society Hauksbee Medallist Kerry Pendergast, M. Sc., sometime member of Prof. Sir John Thomas’s group at the Edward Davies Chemical Laboratories, UCW Aberystwyth. I will send this e mail group a web page of the referral file so they can see the impact of Kerry’s book for themselves.

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Dear Myron,

The Life of Myron Evans is not on the site (as agreed). However, it would be good to make the preface available.

Best Wishes


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There were 2,289 hits from 461 distinct visits, 46.8% spiders, CEFE22. Database Systems and Information Management Group, Technical University Berlin UFT20, 43; Cornell University, extensive, including overview and “Life of Myron Evans” by Kerry Pendergast; Italian National Foundation for Nuclear Research (INFN) Turin general; US Archives general; Intense interest all sectors.

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