Measures of Impact

These are very accurate and comprehensive measures of ECE physics impact since Dec. 2006, the referral file in web page format (this does not go on to the blog), and my analysis of the referral file up to about 2010, totalcitatonssince12-06 attached in pdf format, which does go on to the blog. Since then the referral file has increased by about 50% in size in about two years. It can be seen that all the original background notes to each paper are all read, even though they are handwritten, and all the Omnia Opera papers are read, back to 1973. This analysis also shows that Kerry Pendergast’s book, “The Life of Myron Evans”, was very popular in preprint format. So I expect that the preface will again be very popular when reposted on The material is accessed via the index on the home page of, which is very heavily used. ECE physics has developed this very accurate system of measuring impact because it rejects standard physics almost entirely. The two schools of physics have evolved into essentially independent subjects. ECE evolved from the determinist school of Einstein and de Broglie. Standard physics evolved from the Copenhagen School of Bohr and Heisenberg. There is much more to physics or natural philosophy than the completely obsolete standard model that makes all the noise. Many professionals think that the latter is no longer physics at all, I would say the great majority of professionals who are so fed up with the CERN Circus. The important thing by far is that people read one’s work, and NOT citations. Obviously the latter are restricted to publications, and no one in standard physics is going to cite ECE physics, that would be citing the devil himself, he who refutes all the theology of standard physics. The primary icon of this theology is the god particle, which Horst and I have just demolished completely in UFT224.


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