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Thanks for your message, this is an interesting development which may set a precedent across Europe. I have just seen on google that the European Union is going to phase out subsidies for wind turbines so that will greatly reduce the number of turbines. I think that you have already taken the correct course of action in filing a case at the European Court. There is no 90% criterion – this is simply the very large majority of those against the Betws and Mynydd y Gwair developments. I think that ANY over ruled local majority is a violation of human rights, the European Convention on Human Rights, which becomes law in each individual country. The European Convention already derives its precedent from the United Nations. The Hemsby High Court precedent in England and Wales agrees with this personal evaluation of mine – no local majority may be over ruled by some anonymous bureaucrat. This derives its authority from the United States Constitution, the People is Supreme Authority. That principle was taken up by the United Nations in 1945, the People in every Nation is Supreme Authority, not dictators, half elected politicians or bureaucrats. There is the International Court of Justice in The Hague, but that is restricted to filing by Nations. It is possible for individuals and organizations to appeal directly to the United Nations Secretary General. For example I found such an appeal on google signed by many Nobel Laureates and prominent individuals. Your very well organized group and all the anti turbine groups across Europe can combine to appeal to the UN to stop the illegal and wholly unwanted proliferation of wind turbines. However that would not be a judicial review in my personal understanding, and I am not a lawyer, but it would carry the authority of the U. N. As you know there is a European Platform against Wind Turbines organized by Mark Duchamp, with whom I have been in correspondence for some years, and the Liberal Peer Lord Carlisle has launched a campaign against wind turbines in Britain. I take the view that they are a catastrophic blunder in government, there is no global warming as many data show, and carbon dioxide does not cause global warming, as many data show. So gas fired power stations are urgently needed. In my lifelong opinion nuclear is too dangerous. Gas is ten times cheaper than wind, which is totally inefficient. There is also hydro electric and wave power. The consumer will be made to pay for this terrible blunder if gas fired and other power stations are not built very quickly. To phase them out is courting complete economic disaster. In fact any engineer will advise that wind turbines cannot function without back up from gas. So it is very clear that wind turbines are a terrible disaster. I agree that the environment should be clean, but wind turbines destroy the great beauty of nature. If we destroy nature, it will destroy us.

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As I have stated before, your blog on the UN/EU violations is very appealing to us and we are willing to pursue this matter. Could you advise us on where to set such an appeal? Where does an individual appeal when a country is not living up to a UN resolution? I have read what I could find on UN 57/1999 resolution, but couldn’t find the 90% criterium. This is especially interesting in our case, as we had a field research done by the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences which proved that 91,5% of inhabitants is against the placing of these windturbines.


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