European Court of Human Rights Appeal from The Netherlands

Dear Mr Bakker,

Many thanks for this information. There have been many violations of human rights in the forced construction of wind turbines in Europe. Lord Carlisle has recently started a national campaign against them in Great Britain. In my opinion many have been illegally constructed on commonland, so under Section 41 of the Commonlands Act of 2006 a court order may be obtained to demolish them. If the government tries to enact legislation to protect illegal works on commonland it is acting illegally. Many turbine farms were constructed against intense local opposition, a violation of human rights as very well set out in you document. You may well be able to set a precedent in the European Court of Human Rights that might lead to the demolition of wind farms in Britain, and also to a prohibition on any new onshore construction. This is Lord Carlisle’s aim which I support. Wind turbines are useless scientifically because they need back up power. By now this is very well known, and the Westminster Government has decided to phase out all subsideis for wind turbines within eight years, starting with a 25% cut this year.


Myron Evans


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