Summary of the Absurdity of the Higgs Theory

In recent discussions it has been found that:

1) The theory has 17 – 26 adjustable parameters and is riddled with well known errors in its U(1) sector.
2) The proton electron and proton anti proton collision theory has collapsed, UFT158 ff., on the classical level.
3) The vacuum density of the electroweak sector is ten to the power fifty six times too large.
4) The radial distribution of the Higgs boson would need thousands of parameters to determine it (criticims by Horst Echardt).
5) The non existent particle would “exist” for only ten power minus twenty seconds, so how can it have been “detected”?
6) The strong nuclear sector relies on the false idea of approximate symmetry.
7) The idea of degenerate vacua is arbitrary and unproven.

This is a small selection of numerous crticisms by numerous distinguished crackpots, sorry, scientists from many obscure places in many obscure journals.

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