Problems of U(1)

This is a good idea. In note 224(2) I intend to discuss the problems of the Klein Gordon field in the usual theory (second quantization) then could write a short note in 224(3) on the way that U(1) disintegrates under antisymmetry, where you and Doug have done very good work. The ideas behind Klein Gordon are long known to be wrong as you know. This was Dirac’s strongly held view as I am beginning to find in a literature search, and also Schroedinger’s view. Physics is always deeply split. One of Schroedinger’s papers as Director of DIAS in Dublin was with Bass on photon mass, thus rejecting U(1) and the Higgs boson by implication. After getting these refutation papers out of the way I intend to return to the question set by Doug some time ago. I intend to proceed in steps, to criticise each sector to the point where the theory is completely untenable, then conclude that any attempt to put these flawed sectors together is meaningless. So the unified field theory at CERN is meaningless, a total no no. In fact the great majority of chemists and engineers, and also about 90% of physicists think in this way. So CERN severely damages natural philosophy by its adherence to dogma. In general I do not think that original ideas are made in institutes.

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The Comay paper is profound as far as I see, fully agreed with you.
Perhaps it would be helpful to describe the problems of U(1) symmetry
in electrodynamics (mirror symmetry) in one of the notes so that we
have a compact reference to these arguments based on experimental
facts. I was asked for this by a physicists in our Munich group.


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