First Apeiron Paper by Comay

This was refereed by Larry Horwitz and discusses difficulties with the Klein Gordon equation. In doing a lit search I have found that there are also numerous difficulties with QCD, and so the claim to have discovered a Higgs boson is total and obvious nonsense. It seems that Comay’s paper was censored by the particle physics establishment, which suppresses genuine scholarship and so there is no purpose to its claims to fame. It is obvious why CEFE is being censored – or at least they try to prevent its pubication in book form. The ECE websites have outflanked the censorship, so we should make every effort to help Victor sell CEFE in book format by recommending it to libraries of many different kinds, by distributing pamphlets and so on. This kind of censorhip was attempted with B(3) and failed. I ask Roy Keys for his permission to reproduce this paper on the blog here. It has been read extensively for some years, and completely refutes Higgs boson theory. I have never accepted the Higgs boson. Its non discovery may bring to an end the cynical waste of funding that runs into billions.


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