224(1): Criticisms of the Higgs Boson based on Photon Mass

This is the first in a series of notes criticising the Higgs boson in many ways. My own numerous criticisms go back to 1992 on the Omnia Opera of www.aias.us and the UFT section, and criticism by others such as Dirac and Vigier go back almost a hundred years. CERN ignores all this scholarship so is ignored in turn by scholars. This particular criticism is based on the usual standard model of the interaction of the spinless scalar field with mass (Higgs boson type) with the electromagnetic field. Even on the simplest level the interaction results in a contradiction, in that the inhomogeneous Maxwell Heaviside equation (IME) is not recovered correctly from the starting lagrangian (1). What happens is that the Euler Lagrange equation (2) gives an equation (3) with the electromagnetic potential on the right hand side, and this is hand waved as the covariant current. The potential does not appear at all in the IME. The well known Proca lagrangian (6) for finite photon mass (Proca 1934) is not invariant under the U(1) gauge transform (15) and that contradicts the CERN theory which depends on U(1) gauge invariance. The U(1) electromagnetic field definition has been refuted many times in many ways by ECE theory, which gives photon mass from Cartan geometry. So the Higgs circus amounts to billions in lost funding for no purpose. The cynical propaganda is as for any propaganda, offensive to intelligent people and completely meaningless. We have not even begun to discuss the use of as many adjustable parameters as needles on a hedgehog. For almost a hundred years the Klein Gordon equation has been known to be deeply flawed, as discussed in many UFT papers and books. It does not give the correct probability current. It was replaced as is well known by the Dirac equation which has in turn been replaced by the ECE fermion equation. The Higgs theory and string theory are based on contrivances whch were actually abandoned in the nineteen twenties. Even the very critical Dirac was “sidelined” by the faction that hijacked physics. That is why Pauli (who never derived the correct relativistic quantum mechanics) called him the prophet of atheism, a shallow jibe. Dirac never accepted the Klein Gordon equation or anything based on it. This is why ECE theory has such a huge worldwide following, it honestly reveals all the flaws with very rigorous scholarship. It is lunatic to tray to claim that this following does not exist. Many wildly pejorative and utterly disgraceful attempts have been made to censor ECE, all have failed.


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