Everything in Place

Everything is in place now in preparation for filing the injunction. Great care and attention to detail is necessary before filing the injunction. The next step is to form the South West Wales class action group and select the leader of the class action in a meeting, someone entitled to legal aid. Obviously, local democracy is being trodden into the ground, but people (and high court judges) are fighting back strongly all over Europe. I think that legal action should be started simultaneously with continuous protest, and this may bring down the British government, forcing a general election. I advise all three hundred anti turbine gorups to follow this lead, i.e. file injunctions and protest peacefully and legally, but firmly, all over Britain. Many have already done so. There was not much fight put up against Betws, initially, but a section 41 injunction if granted with force the legal demolition of the site. I was advised yesterday that wind turbines are easily demolished and cut up into small parts for scrap or salvage. This would all be at developer expense if the judge so ordered. They could also be ordered to demolish the concrete bases by hydro machinery, to demolish the access roads and pylons, wires and buildings and so on, and to restore the land that they have ruined to its pristine condition. They could also be ordered to pay compensation to illegally over-ruled local objectors. This heavy punishment is precisely what is needed for such totalitarian contempt of democracy. Company directors, farmers and others could also be orderd to pay back subsidies personally, thus bankrupting them. Their only interest was and is money. Pseudoscientists should be made legally liable for costs for the global warming fiasco, in which data are known to have been laundered and or selected. There is an overwhelming mass of data to show that there is no global warming – easily googled up and described later on this blog.

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