ATE Insurance

1st Class Legal (IS) Ltd.,
Mercury House,
Shrewsbury Business Park,
SY22 6LG

tel. 0845 241 2076

I am personally interested in taking out legal insurance to cover the cost of any possible future litigation (fees of barristers and solicitors), and after the event insurance for costs of the other side if a case is lost. This is for my own professional protection against any possible nuisance claims.

On behalf of a proposed class action I am also interested in information on insurance that covers the costs of taking out an injunction in a land planning dispute. Lord Carlisle Q. C. has agreed to take on a case in which an injunction is to be sought to demolish and prevent completely unwanted wind turbine developments, and the insurance would be needed to cover the various fees involved. This is likely to be a class action. In this way there would be a level playing field so that rich turbine companies cannot cynically overrule local democracy and cause major damage to the countryside for no industrial purpose in order to make a few people rich by subsidy drawn from taxation and electricity billing of people who do not want wind turbines.


Prof. M. W. Evans, Armiger, Civil List Pensioner, D. Sc.,
Civil List pensioner,

cc Lord Carlisle Q. C.


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