Agenda for 4th July Meeting in Craig Cefn Parc

I think that this is a good agenda. Some recordings could be made if not too time consuming. The invited reviews for the journal can also be discussed, and ways to sell books in the age of open source websites. The Collegium Novum is so efficient that it is difficult to find ways of improving its logistics, but it is important to try to find a genuine source of string free funding (pun intended) for those most in need of a salary. I think that a full time AIAS staff member is needed, a volunteer in the first instance, to work as a fund raiser full time, to identify sources of funding and prepare applications systematically. I have been without salary since being assassinated by UNCC in 1995, (seventeen years) and I am enjoying it immensely. I used to have to dance with the devil himself. Nevertheless I am interested in a salary on the socialist principle, being a lifelong Bevanite socialist and republican nationalist like R. S. Thomas. Even Aneurin Bevan had a salary. From each according to his ability, to each according to his need (Karl Marx). I am not a communist, I am a democratic socialist, so was everyone around here. On the intellectual level though there is nothing better than the invisible college: no overheads, no politics, no committees. On 4th July we can formally declare the independence of ECE theory and the Collegium Novum.

Subj: Annual AIAS Conference

Dear Myron,

Simon, Robert and Kerry have confirmed they will be attending the conference.

A draft agenda is outlined below for approval, additions and removals and for a date to be arrived at.

Best Wishes


Progress made with the Journal. Myron
Publication of Definitive Criticisms. Myron.
Graphs and graphics. Robert.
Sales report on CEFE. Myron
Sales report on Biography. Kerry
Impact of ECE theory from feedback. Myron

Plans for new books and books in progress:
Seven Crystal Spheres. Kerry
Engineering ECE Theory. Simon
The New Cosmology based on ECE Theory. Myron

Funding and future possibilities.
Designing, building and demonstrtaing new devices.

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