Researching the Ynys Cedwyn Estate Papers

These have been researched by many scholars, and I had a look at them myself. They were originally in legal Latin, but have been translated. The Welsh place given name and place name spelling is terrible, but from my knowledge of not only Welsh but the Swansea valley dialect (my own dialect) I can unravel them without much trouble. The Ynys Cedwyn Estate was a vast and powerful industrialized estate and there are many entries on the Ynys Cedwyn gentry. The lands were granted to Dr. William Aubrey by Elizabeth 1st. For some reason the family managed to lose the entire estate and Ynys Cedwyn Hall was demolished. Although the only Armiger on merit, and possibly the only Armiger, in that once all poweful family now, I come from a very poor branch of the family and did not know of its existence until a few years ago when told of it by Stuart Davies. I certainly did not inherit anything from my father, who was very intelligent but earned a dangerous living as a coal miner. Yesterday I gave the entries relevant to one of my lines of descent to Prince Tewdwr Mawr and the Norman Aubreys. The titles are arranged by rank as Squire or Gent., and Yeoman. I have found one more entry of relevance, it is DDYc61, a bond of 200 pounds of 20th Feb., 1596/97. In it is mentioned Morgan ap Richard Aubrey gent., and his son John ap Morgan ap Richard Aubrey (born about 1530). I also found evidence for his son Morgan ap John ap Morgan (born about 1570) in the Ynys Cedwyn Estate papers. I also found evidence for his son Thomas ap Morgan ap John in the Ynys Cedwyn Estate papers, and that he was born before 1610. So his dates are <1610 – 26/6/1689, there is burial record for him at Callwen on 27/6/1689 given to us by the Vicar. His son Morgan ap Thomas ap Morgan died in 1749. I will ask the Vicar if there are parish entries for him to make his dates more precise. His son was Thomas ap Morgan ap Thomas (1690 – 1761). Evidence for him was found by Sir Arthur Turner Thomas from an original copperscript document. Also a lot more evidence for this line has been put together by the late Leonid Morgan and deposited as a large roll in the West Glamorgan Archives, but Leonid Morgan does not seem to have given his sources. Now all the sources have been found. Finally his son was Morgan ap Thomas y Garth (1735 – 1805) who married Elizabeth Portrey of Ynys Cedwyn Hall (1734 – 1825), his distant cousin, and from there on there is plentiful modern evidence all put together in my genealogy. So I have two proven lines back to Bleddyn ap Maenarch and his father in law, Tewdwr Mawr. I also found that one document referred to Neuadd Owain Gethin, one of my direct ancestors Owain Gethin was one of a long line of Lords of Glyn Tawe. His daughter Nest (born 1304) was married to the Cambrian Norman Tomos Awbrey Cwnstabl Coch (born 1299). From his name we know he spoke Welsh. Neither he or she had any choice in the matter, marriages were always arranged for alliance, prestige and power.

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