Daily Report 20/6/12

There were 2,709 hits from 539 distinct visits, 57% spiders due to extensive site downloads, 29 readings of CEFE since 6/6/12, rate of about sixty readings a month of the monograph, 720 readings a year. Federal University of Bahia Brazil UFT132(Sp); Technical University of Federico Santa Maria Chile Proof1a(Sp); Northrop Grumman Corporation UFT8; Students at Bonn (STW Bonn) UFT88; University of Washington UFT55; University of Almeria Spain Essay30, UFT184, Essay31(Sp), Essay35(Sp); University of Poitiers general; Brookhaven National Laboratory UFT55; Glenn Research Center NASA UFT29; Hebrew University Jerusalem UFT18; University of Perugia Italy UFT18; Pohang University of Science and Technology South Korea general; University of Sonora Mexico general; University of Peshawar Pakistan UFT140; National Technical University of Taiwan UFT25; Uganda Christian University refutation of Heisenberg, intense interest all sectors.

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