AIAS Method of Education

This method of education is working fine – as can be seen from the daily feedback. Michael Jackson has incorporated the hundred most read items every month into the pdf back up of the blog. For senior staff with access, click on “view all URL’s” – a footnote to the top 100 URL’s table on to see the entire line of feedback, showing that everything is read all the time everywhere. That is the easiest way to summarize the interest, with only a little poetic licence. No real intellectual takes any notice of the standard model of physics and its method of education, except to use it for history of science. It is never too late to learn or to do a conventional Ph. D. on this amazing development that has taken place in less than a decade. However that is very difficult now unless you have a scholarship, or waiving of fees for mature students. The reason is that university fees are vastly inflated for what they give you in return. AIAS education is free, like the travelling schools of Gruffudd Jones Llanddowror (on google). These days education travels at the speed of light. The fact that people from all the best rated universities read the sites all the time means that the sites educate the best universities, quite a thing. I am not sure if these university rankings mean very much, but they are available by googling. AIAS is obviously the number one of its kind, a new undefined kind of university akin to the invisible college of Francis Bacon. That led to the Royal Society. It was invisible because of the danger of challenging church doctrine. That was a real danger, and Bacon was subjected to the predictable conspiracy on false charges – the UNCC of the early seventeenth century. Bacon did his best work after being forced out of court and imprisoned for a short time. These days the vast invisible readership of the AIAS sites challenges the “faith community” of standard physics in exactly the same way. Yesterday’s Miltonic demolition of global warming by Rupert Wyndham, kindly fowarded by Axel Westrenius, can be applied unchanged to the faith community known as “standard physics”.

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