Daily Report 19/6/12

There were 2,298 hits from 540 distinct visits, 37.3% spiders, CEFE read 28 times since 6/6/12. National University of Rosario Argentina UFT165(Sp); Federal University of Minas Gerais Brazil UFT143 (Sp); University of Sao Paolo UFT41; Memorial University of Newfoundland Canada UFT157, University of Quebec Trois Rivieres general; University of Waterloo DPS paper; University of Antioquia Colombia* general; Humboldt University Berlin numerical solutions; Technical University Dresden metric manifolds; Heidelberg University UFT88; University of Arizona reduction to Maxwell; Drexel University UFT149; University of California Irvine UFT6; University of Southern California general; Autonomous University of Barcelona UFT169, UFT170; Autonomous University of Madrid UFT41; University of Bourgogne ECE Article Russian; University of Poitiers general; National Autonomous University of Mexico* UFT165 and refutation of Heisenberg; Radboud University Netherlands UFT29; Christian Center Guayaquil UFT156 (Sp); University of Ljubljana Slovenia UFT176; National Taiwan University UFT88; Physics Imperial College London levitron. Intense interest all sectors.

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