Turbine Subsidies to be Cut by 25% in Britain

George Osbourne is generally considered to be a political idiot – a mad barber, cutting everything before him, but at last, with his reputation shorn in turn to shreds, he has managed to do something right, a 25% cut in wind turbine subsidies that will kill the wind industry stone dead. It will then be a matter of demolishing their rubbish, and Section 41 injunctions are ideal for this. These cuts may come in time to save Mynydd y Gwair and bankrupt Betws. So when it comes to money, all the pseudoscience and empty talk of Kyoto is abandoned in undignified haste. What a very foolish creature is humankind. I did consider treason as grounds for an injunction, because all the turbine damage is done by foreign companies invited in to damage the British countryside by traitors in all but the legal definition. Espionage for example is a form of treason but there is no law of treason specific to Wales. Treason has often been used to try to suppress Wales, especially by the murderous Edward 1st. Treason against the Welsh People inside Wales is all too familiar, usually brought about by money or fear. Pathetic amounts of money, or pathetic ideas, can cause a person to betray at the drop of a hat. So I am no longer a supporter of Plaid Cymru for which I was once asked to be a scientific advisor. I have always been a fully fledged republican and was never a member of any political party. I have never voted for any politician with the exception of Linda Frame in a recent local council election, when I stepped down as candidate in her favour. She was very deeply upset at Betws and rightly so, and did not put up much of a fight in her campaign. I think that she is a Havard cousin of mine, and a sincere person, far too good for the wind turbine executives of what is known as “Plaid Cymru”. It may as well be Plaid Antarctica for all its relevance to Wales. I advocate a Republican Party but all politicians go the same way in the end. So the only solution is direct government by referendum. So all efforts must be focused, in my opinion, on Section 41 injunctions, a legal demolition.

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