Interest in my Personal Diary on (blog stats)

The blog messages go back to 2006 and have been most kindly transferred to pdf on by Michael Jackson, who also interwove it with feeback statistics, so the blog is archived quarterly at the National Library of Wales and British Library, and also in the US Archives and Library of Congress. The feedback analysis from WordPress became available on January 1st 2010, and since then the diary has been read 92,375 times. All self readings are excluded and all attempts at spamming the blog are automatically filtered out by askimet. It appears to be a very influential diary by now. It is read regularly in over a hundred countries, the top twenty for the last quarter being: Britain, United States, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia, Brazil, India, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Netherlands, Portugal, Ireland, Switzerland, Pakistan, Republic of Korea, Philippines, Sweden, ……………… It contains 12,937 postings to date since 2006 and has its own index.  In May 2012 it averaged 151 readings a day. It is best accessed through google chrome, and now has a lot of graphics and animations as well as items on science, genealogy, history, poetry, current affairs in Wales, numerous anti turbine arguments and numerous arguments against global warming. Many thanks to all those who helped construct the blog.

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