Daily Report 1/6/12 (20 hours of recording)

In 20 hours of recording (first day of month) there were 2,214 hits from 390 distinct visits. University of Pardubice Czech Republic levitron; University of West Bohemia Thesis by the late Phyllis Timmons of New York City on the struggle of the Celtic Nations for independence; Department of Physics University of Bielefeld UFT109; Cornell University UIFT214, “The Life of Myron Evans” by Kerry Pendergast, leaflet and fundamental errors in the Einstein field equation; University of Cambridge UFT43; intense interest all sectors. For those with access to the new stats feedback file it is interesting to study the feedback for one day – it is seen that essentially all material is studied in one day, i.e. all 219 UFT papers, all essays and broadcasts and so on. This study takes place around the world continuously, only 2% of it in universities and similar, but that means that all relevant university departments and similar study the material literally in their tens of thousands. Due to the knowledge revolution brought about by search engines such as google chrome (started 2008) everyone who wants to learn has access to an essentially infinite library. No huge university fees or numerous committees needed – just learn.

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