Time Delay Due to the Three Particle Interaction

I have been working on this idea and will probably be ready to send out the final note for UFT220 tomorrow. The idea is that a three or N particle perturbation will cause a time delay and a shift in the two particle orbit. This result will come very close to the true calculation of perihelion precession perturbed by all the other planets. I no longer consider EGR to be science, so any material sent to me on black holes etc is spammed automatically unless it is critical material from the well tried veterans of the now world famous AIAS group. I am building up material for the CISP book on cosmology. As ever there is never any hurry, plenty of time is always taken for reflection, thought on basic concepts and multiple testing. This is how the 219 papers of the ECE series has been developed, with concentrated effort and discipline, together with excellent interscholarly discussions. AIAS is justifiably world famous and all its members can take rational pride in their work. I never look over my shoulder for approval from the universities, although I am always prepared to be on constructive terms with genuine academics. There always was and is far too much “politics” to deal with in universities, too many committees, too many grant applications. AIAS is not about money at all, but I always have an eye out for funding. Dylan Thomas and Vernon Watkins were not about money either, it’s exactly the same thing.

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