Second Book of Poetry

I will probably publish my second book of poetry soon in both languages. The attached is part of it, although the pdf maker made a mess of the formatting it is still readable. In the final published book it will of course be formatted correctly. There are two villanelles in memory of Dylan Thomas, one in Welsh (by far my preferred language) and one in English. I have a mastery of English but a very heavy accent in it, so people think I am from another country, so far have they neglected and destroyed their own language. Of course Dylan’s famous work is the villanelle, “Do not go gentle into that good night”. There is one variation on my Civil List precedessor Hugh MacDiarmaid, the great Scots language revivalist and Scottish patriot, and I am most profoundly grateful to the friends of Llangiwg for modelling their stained glass window on “The Yew Tree”, a Miltonian sonnet. In my fondness of opinion, the englyn and cywydd format of my ancestral cousin Dafydd ap Gwilym is poetry at its towering best, unsurpassed even by Shakespeare or Milton. I wish people coudl understand Dafydd and read him, the the level of civilization would sharply improve. I am profoundy grateful to Robert Cheshire for his masterful narration of the English language poetry on the site.


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