Mozart Piano Concerti

These are all available now on youtube. They are all mature works but the later ones are the more powerful, all written in only thirty five short years. I never tire of listening to these concerti. I notice that the third movements of numbers 15 and 22 are both variations on a hunting theme – very pleasant to listen to. The slow movement of number 17 is the most beautiful of all. It is pointless trying to describe Mozart in words. Whenever a performer tries a cadenza not written by Mozart or Beethoven, the music immediately falls apart. This happens in a performance of number 22 on youtube. Also it becomes immediately obvious that some performers are outstanding, others mechanical and insipid, some conductors are too slow and so on. I used to take ghastly revenge on Jeremy Jones by playing Mozart in the EDCL. As far as I know he was tone deaf. I would say that string theory to Lagrange is as rap to Mozart. Rap is just like the howling of a cat at midnight darkness, as in the long poem Mari Lwyd by Vernon Watkins – ghosts knocking, a rapping at the door.

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