Daily Report 31/5/12

There were 4,315 hits from 718 distinct visits, 67.2% spiders indicating extensive downloading during the day. University of Queensland Australia UFT204 (Crothers metric); Cornell University UFT148; physics Singapore Management University (on edu) UFT155; Polytechnic University of Valencia UFT94; Applied Physics Univeristy of Valencia UFT169, 170; University of Vigo UFT140 (Sp); Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications (ENST) Britanny UFT41; Institute of Fundamental Electronics University of Paris Psud (South Paris) Felker3 (Sp); University of Poitiers general; School Disrict of Philadelphia UFT126; University of Ankara UFT65; Department of Physics University of Oxford UFT25; Southampton University UFT42. Intense interest all sectors.

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