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FOR POSTING: Cutting Announcing the Beatles Contract to Mary Hopkin

May 29, 2012

This is an original cutting of 1968 kindly sent by David Daniels. It shows that her father, D. Howel Hopkin Alltwen, was initially reluctant to see her go, as was Sulwyn Lewis the headmaster, but she made the right decision. Mary was in the same class and is a few days older than me, that is, just over eighteen. I did not know until recently that she is my cousin, we are both descended form William Hopkin Cwm Nant y Moel, Craig Cefn Parc, born 1823 (attached genealogy). The Hopkin Family can be dated back to about 1628 in this area. They are all in the autobiography volume one. I also descend from Daniel Hopkin Fagwr, born 1811. Elim Craig Cefn Parc is essentially a family chapel, with many Hopkin members interred there in consecrated ground, (Welsh speaking Baptist), so I sincerely hope it will not be sold. I am opposed completely to any such idea. I will discuss these with the Trustees shortly. Betws comes form the Latin “Beatus”, (an early Celtic site), which means holy ground, so wind turbines are a terrible desecration of all that is civilized and beautiful.

FOR POSTING: Pontardawe Grammar School Item 1 from David Daniels

May 29, 2012

David Daniels very kindly sent me some of his original newspaper cuttings of the Pontardawe Grammar School era of 1961 to 1968 and some evocative memories of that time, the famous radical sixties. I will keep them carefully and post them on the site and blog. The attached photograph is of the same form (class of 1961). Top left Eddie Williams, top centre Gwynfor (“Caz”) Thomas; Top right David Daniels; lower left Gildas Martin, lower centre Hugh “Spa” Thomas, lower right Ken Williams. They look around twelve to fifteen years old (1962 – 1965). He also sent an original cutting announcing the Beatles contract to my cousin Mary Hopkin, younger sister of Carole Hopkin. That must have been early 1968. He also has memories of the Adelina Patti theatre and he has a cutting of Patti’s concert in Pontardawe Public Hall. I think that the autobiography volume one will be out quite soon and will get extensive promotion in Europe and the U.S.. Judging by the popularity of the preprint it ought to sell well. He also mentions the beautiful Maureen Jones whose hand was damaged by thalidomide and so was shy and introspective. So if any Pontardawe Grammar School former pupils read this please get in touch.


Suggested Invited Speakers at the Turbine Protest

May 29, 2012

I suggest inviting Martin Caton and Sia^n Philips, who is a staunch supporter of my ancestral cousin Owain Glyndw^r. I think that she will be very deeply angered at what they have done to her home ground. She was born on a farm on Mynydd Betws and attended Pontardawe Grammar School. I will use my artillery here on the blog to keep on pounding wind turbines with science and common sense. When people see the horrors on Betws they will turn against the politicians who still support turbines. In this area there is 95% fierce opposition. If that is ignored it is in effect treason against the People

“Put Every Gun to them, Sir”

May 29, 2012

Although I loath war, because I know what it means, this is an apt metaphor for the moment. It is the famous command from Wellington to Uxbridge at Waterloo, as the Old Guard of Napoleon advanced in formation. It was one of the first demonstrations of the superiority of a well organized defence, in this case three or four ranks of rapid volley fire from a long line concentrated at the narrow front rank of the massed formation, with grape shot from artillery causing appalling wounds at close range. The other ranks of that formation could not bring their fire to bear. Ultimately, Napoleon was outflanked by Blucher’s cavalry and then infantry arriving on the scene in the nick of time after a forced march – otherwise he would have “broken every bone in my body” as Wellington wrote, from sheer weight of numbers. Surveying the dreadful carnage after the battle, on all sides, Wellington wrote that “Save for a battle lost, nothing is as melancholy as a battle won”. In the case of wind turbines every peaceful and legal means possible should be used to eliminate them from the landscape of Britain and to seek billions in compensation in continuous class actions over the foreseeable future. It is probable that much of the rare fauna and flora of Betws has already been ruthlessly destroyed – nothing is as melancholy to any sane person. If we destroy nature, nature will destroy us ultimately. This is supposed to be a one hundred percent EEC protected habitat. So, many laws are being broken by electoral dictators, and democracy completely ignored. In retaliation the People is entitled to civil disobedience and very critical rhetoric and lobbying, such as delaying the payment of taxation until the very last moment, union action, work to rule, boycott and do on. Ffred Ffransis and his wife are regularly imprisoned for refusing to pay taxes as they fight very courageously for the Welsh language. The politicians responsible for this will be despised by history.

220(4): Expressions for theta(t)

May 29, 2012

This note derives a novel expression for dr /dt, eq. (27), which can be used as another check on the computer simulation. The two experimentally measured quantities of an elliptical orbit in astronomy are tau and epsilon, where tau is the time taken to transcend an angle 2 pi, i.e .the time taken to get back to the starting point, i.e. the time taken to close the ellipse, and where epsilon is the eccentricty, measured from the major and minor axes of an ellipse. The effect of the new gravitational potential is given in eq. (36), which can be integrated by Maxima. I will also integrate it by hand in the next note. So the effect of the x factor is to change the time taken to sweep out a given angle, and as x gets large this effect will become intricate and dramatic. There are equivalent effects for other conical sections. The three times in the three particle problem are given in eqs. (37) to (39). The answer to the discussion about theta not having an index or having a label is given by eqs. (37) to (39).


Injunction and Criminal Prosecution of NPower

May 29, 2012

The M. P. for Gower, Martin Caton, is against the Mynydd y Gwair proposal. There is 95% local opposition, so Labour must take notice of this or be dismissed internationally as dictators. I am one of those who has been fighting this obscene criminality for eighteen years. Betws and Mynydd y Gwair are illegal under Section 38 of the 2006 Commons Act. I rebutted all of the High Court decision on this blog. The peat objection is a trivial irrelevance, a deceptive contrivance. Swansea County Council objected on many more grounds than that and these objections should all be brought to bear. “Put every gun to them”. On April 1st the Welsh Government introduced legislation based on Section 38, no works are allowed on commonland without ministerial consent, repeat NO works are allowed on commonland. So a class action for a prohibiting injunction must now be initiated in a pre emptive strike against N Power. The Labour Party must be lobbied with great intensity to drop its hated wind turbine policy. As the British Civil List scientist I have been opposing wind turbines for eighteen years on scientific grounds. Along with a hundred thousand scientists, I also oppose global warming, a wildy erroneous theory that has been refuted by data many times over. Wind turbines are useless, there is no reason for them, they exist only because of subsidies and have to be backed up by more gas power stations. The latter are ten times less expensive. The Labour Party is on a course for economic disaster if it continues to support useless turbine technology at ten times the cost of gas powered fire stations. The Westminster Government has indicated that it will drop subsidies shortly, that is the realpolitik. The Labour Party must be lobbied intensely to drop subsidies in Wales, which they control politically. Welsh Labour must develop an independence from Westminster. Wind turbines have had their day, it is only a matter of time before the landscape is littered with derelict wrecks as in California. Under Section 41 of the Commonland Act of 2006, wind turbine companies may be ordered by an injunction to dismantle their disgusting mess at their own expense. They should also be sued for billions in class actions across Europe. The devastation at Betws is horrifying, and is brought about purely by greed for subsidies. One of the rarest ecologies in Europe has been completely destroyed for no reason. I think that this is a criminal offence as well as a civil tort and I would like to see wind turbine executives in prison. All the by laws of Swansea County Council on the environment have been broken. That is a criminal offence. Wind turbines can be dismantled by first crushing the concrete base with hydro equipment of advanced design, then cutting up the rest into small pieces and selling them for scrap. That will be the only outcome of wind turbine technology. If the Mynydd y Gwair proposal goes ahead, ecological carnage on a huge scale will be perpetrated and the whole precious landscape destroyed. Very little employment will be created, and all the profit will go to foreign multi nationals. So this is treason, and will embitter the whole of Europe for generations. There are also multiple violations of human rights due to the known and serious health damage caused by turbines. These are grounds to seek a prohibiting injunction by class action, now allowed in the law of England and Wales, and also the law of Scotland. In other words find a good lawyer and fast.

Glyn Eithrym

Prof. M. W. Evans, Armiger, Civil List Pensioner,
H. M. Civil List

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On 27 May 2012 19:41, Terry Breverton wrote:

News about Mynydd y Gwair in north Swansea. The fight has been on and off for eighteen years. The last news was that Swansea Council had refused 19 mega giant Wind Turbines with all Swansea Councillors (bar one) voting against Npower Renewables proposals.
Npower then went to appeal and their Appeal was rejected but only on grounds of development on Peat Bog at certain parts of the site. Npower then took the Assembly Government to High Court and they lost again.
Npower has now bounced back and have confirmed a fresh application will come in in early August – soon – with the three Wind Turbines removed from the peat bog areas – making it only 16 mega giant Wind Turbines outside of the peat bog areas – with no real reason left for the Inspectorate at Cardiff to Object.
The Swansea Planners are seeking top legal advice to see whether they have to only consider the Peat Bog issues – if so there is no reason left for Objection from Planners – or does the whole entire concept have to be considered again e.g. landscape etc etc – if so there could be a little hope.
Also after the 3rd May County Council elections the Swansea Council election saw a complete change of control with 33 new Councillors sweeping Labour into control with a huge majority. They even have three young student Councillors – one even from Santa Cruz in California helping to run and rule the Council here – will all these young new Councillors be Wind Turbine huggers?

I’ll be at nearby Mynydd Betws on June 9 for Gethin’s protest. Many, many people really need to drive through Mynydd Betws Wind Turbine construction site – the county road goes straight through the devastation – an eye opener.There are very few opportunities to drive through a high mountain Turbine construction site. Film / video the drive to put on Youtube – I don’t know how to do it…


Anti Turbine Protest

May 29, 2012

Diolch yn fawr Sia^n. Dodaf hwn ar fy mlog. Thank you very much, I will post this on my blog and urge all to protest peacefully against this worst vandalism of all.

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Gwyliwch ac yna pasiwch ymlaen…Diolch.

Watch and then pass on please. Diolch.


Olympic Torch in Aberystwyth

May 29, 2012

This brings in some fresh air and sanity from the clammy world of stalkers and horse and biker vandals down here in crime ridden Swansea and Mawr. I trained on the vicarage field for years, doing 200 metre intervals and 60 metre short sprints. That helped me achieve a 6.92 secs for the sixty metres at the tartan track in Zurich. The world record is 6.4 secs, but I didn’t train professionally and 0.52 secs is a big gap for the 60 metres short sprint. This event must have been due to the influence of Dick Evans, who is still an athlete well into his late sixties. I trained with him on the cinder track and the grass of the vicarage field – just below the Edward Davies Chemical Laboratories. Dick Evans was the 3,000 metre steeplechase champion and marathon runner. I was faster than him over short distances but in the middle distance events and marathon he disappeared over the horizon. When I was booted out by Jeremy Jones in 1983 Aberystwyth lost a great athlete (in humour). I landed up training in the parking lot at IBM Kingston, and getting frostbite.

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Dear Myron,

The Olympic Torch lit the cauldron on the vicarage field in Aberystwyth infront of a large audience last night just before 8.00 p.m.

This morning the torch was lit and taken up Constitution Hill and back on the Cliff Railway and onto the National Library, where the National Anthem was sang spontaneously outside.

The torch then moved onto to Machynlleth.

I took the opportunity to observe the events and visit the olympic exhibition in the National Library.

Best Wishes


Daily Report 28/5/12

May 29, 2012

There were 2,475 hits from 674 distinct visits, 53.5% spiders. Federal University of Paraiba Brazil UFT18; Institute of Physics University of Zurich UFT41; Czech Academy of Sciences UFT41; University of Pardubice levitron; University of Washington UFT18; University of Aragon Felker9 -11 (Spanish); University of Valencia UFT186 (Spanish); Department of Physics University of Trieste UFT18; Department of Astronomy University of Exeter UFT123; Department of Physics Imperial College London levitron; North Yorkshire Schools UFT177; City of Davis California Latest Family History. Intense interest all sectors.

Portrait by Alina

May 28, 2012

To Pontardawe Grammar School and all Friends:

This is my portrait by Alina Hachikyan and I would to ask Dave Burleigh if it is possible to post it just above my coat of arms on the home page of with attribution to Alina. It also appears on the cover of my biography by Kerry Pendergast. My autobiography will be published shortly with Authors Online and Alina also produced the final copy of the photographs for that book. Can Authors Online advise when it will be published? Thanks in anticipation. There is a collection of photographs on the www.aias,us site, all kindly posted by Dave Burleigh, CEO of Anenxa Inc.